Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ZX Spectrum Next?

ZX Spectrum Next is a computer compatible and based on the original ZX Spectrum of the 80s and 90s, but significantly evolved, in order not to lose the personality of the original but providing it with some modern features.
 >>>ZX Spectrum Next Official Website

What is CuadragonNext?

CuadragonNext is a video game for ZX Spectrum Next and compatible devices, of the RPG type and based on the Cuadragon universe created by Duefectu.
This is a really big game for a Spectrum, since only the code takes more than 300Kb, and the whole game, including the music, sound effects, graphics, mappings, texts and behaviours takes more than 4Mb.

In what formats will it be available?

The first batch of the physical edition is sold out. The physical version can be pre-ordered without payment, and when units are available we will inform you by mail
The digital version is available now. Purchase qualifies for a €10 discount on the physical edition.

Can I play with an emulator on my PC?

Yes, the game includes batch files to properly configure the ZEsarUX and CSpect emulators.

I have more doubts!

If you have any questions, either commercial or in-game, you can ask them through our Facebook and twitter channels.